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Self Guided Tours

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Tour #1 (1/2 Day )

  • Visit Old Perpetual Geyser 2 miles north of Lakeview, turn west at Hunters Resort
  • Stop in Holloway's Photography and discover local art 11 North E Street
  • Enjoy the rich historical past at the Schmink Museum 128 North E Street
  • Lake County Museum offers an Irish room, Native American room and much more. Located at 118 North E Street.
  • Climb to the top of Black Cap and capture a spectacular view of Goose Lake Valley

Tour #2 (1/2 Day)

  • Pick up a brochure for the Historical Walking Tour of Lakeview's oldest buildings.
  • Don't miss the Hi Desert Rock Shop, with large rock yard, located at 244 North M Street.
  • Sample the spirits at Stringers Wild Plum Winery, south of Lakeview 16 miles, just across the Or/Ca state line.
  • Relax in the natural mineral pool at Hunters Resort, 2 miles north of Lakeview.

Tour #3 (1/2 Day)

  • Visit the historical site of the Mitchell Monument, Memorial for the only causalities on US soil from WWII. Travel west from Lakeview on Hwy 140 to Bly, turn north on Forest Service Road 364.
  • Gearhart Wilderness Palisades are worth the drive. Continue past the Mitchell Monument to the Corral Creek campgrounds. Follow this road until it ends at the Gearhart Trailhead. Hike about one mile to the majestic formation of the palisades and explore this rare and magical site.

Tour #4 (1 Day)

  • Travel to the Sunstone area and pick up the "Plush Diamond." This is a precious stone and also Oregon's State Stone. Fill your pockets with these treasures or visit nearby mines. Go to Plush, and follow the signs to the sunstone area.
  • Be sure and stop in Plush and visit the Hart Mountain Store. They have a beautiful collection of sunstones on display.
  • From Plush, go up the hill to the Hart Mountain Antelope Refuge. Visit the interpretive center and soak in the hot springs.
  • Travel south to Adel and enjoy the wetland while watching for Big Horn Sheep on the rim above you. The Adel General Store offers some of the best food around and is a gathering place for local cowboys.
  • The petroglyph monument is very unique and worth the short drive from Adel. Travel east on Hwy 140 about 4 miles. Instead of making the sharp turn to south, take the unpaved road to the north and follow it about ¾ of a mile. This is a very unusual site which offer a clear view of native American writing thousands of years old.

Tour #5 (1 Day)

  • Chandler Park is about 15 miles north of Lakeview and offers a quiet place of rest. Picnic tables, restrooms and interpretive signs are tucked away in the tall pine trees.
  • North of Lakeview stands the amazing Abert Rim, the longest exposed basalt escarpment in the US. The twenty mile long lake lays at its base and is saltier than Salt Lake, a last remnant of the former great inland sea.
  • Visit the tiny town of Paisley and enjoy a great meal at the Homestead Restaurant. Walk the wooden sides and visit the saddle shop.
  • Five miles north of Paisley is the Summer Lake Bath house which offers natural mineral pool, as well as camping and lodging.
  • To complete the circuit, take county road 28 and follow the Chewaucan River, and wind around through the beautiful Fremont Forest.

Tour #6 (2 Day)

Soak in the rich history by traveling Oregon's Outback National Scenic Byway. Pick up a brochure at the Lake County Chamber of Commerce office and learn the history and development of this high desert country.
  • At Summer Lake, take the eight mile loop through the Summer Lake Wildlife Area. This wetland is full of hundreds of birding species and wildlife.
  • Make the stop at Ana Reservoir, for camping and great fishing.
  • The Christmas Valley area offers many great recreational opportunities. Fort Rock State Park is a rare geological formation that is a "must see." This site is where a volcano erupted in a lake and is now the site a state park.
  • The summer is a lovely time to visit the North lake Historic Village. Local volunteers have collected and preserved an important part of pioneer history.
  • Over 19,000 acres of towering sand dunes are one of the reminders of the era of the Great Basin. Thousands of visitors enjoy the dunes as a premium site for ATV recreation.
  • Crack in the Ground offers a "cool" opportunity to explore and hike a site that has been literally pulled apart by massive earth movements thousands of years ago.

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